Puppy Ultimate Edition – v0.09

05 May


Yes that’s right I have created the first .iso for this distribution. I felt a certain amount of apprehension as I thought that with all that work done that it would not remaster and create a bootable disc. My fears were unfounded as it worked flawlessly as a 1450mb bootable DVD.

After that success I continued adding fuel to the fire. Further development notes…

Installed Programmes:

  • nicotine+-1.2.9-i386-1gal
  • FireDog-1.2

FireDog – though it does not work in this version of Puppy it does give Firepup extra addons and a rather cool look. Word of warning don’t add themes – they will make firepup permanently crash!

  • Fluidsynth-Qsynth (Audio Production Menu entry)
  • SpiralSynthModular
  • Whysynth
  • Xsynth-DSSI
  • JACK-RACK – does not work but provides an extra audio engine
  • zynaddsubfx-2.2.1-i386
  • RTSynth – may not be working but very difficult to understand
  • Rosegarden – installation by piecemeal as it had an old kde library installed and would overwrite the new one
  • Amsynth
  • adour-2.4.1-i686-1sl
  • MuseScore0.9.2
  • lmms-0.4.2 (missing lib error until MuseScore installed)
    • fftw-3.1.2-i486-1sl
  • Gmorgan
  • Hexter
  • AlsaModularSynth
  • Specimen
  • TkEca-Ecasound
  • tuxguitar-1.0

With this selection of Audio software should make most muso’s rather happy – it makes me happy as I tinker with music production and guitar playing.

Additional Games..

  • armagetronad-
  • Lincity-1.0.3
  • Ppracer-0.5cvs
  • Tuxracer-0.6.1 – very old but still the best!
  • wesnoth-1.2.4 – very big!

Before moving on I will continue random programme tests to see if any dependency has been overwritten. I expect the iso to be around 1650-1700mbs at this point. I will add around an extra 10-15 classic linux games then create iso v0.1 and continue testing.

Here’s a current screenshot.




2 responses to “Puppy Ultimate Edition – v0.09

  1. Chris Alexander

    May 7, 2010 at 3:27 am

    Am really interested in this upcoming Distro of yours!
    Any way to link to a workable download of this?
    Where will you make the official announcement when it is at version 1.0?
    Thanks for your time (and effort!).
    Chris Alexander

  2. Munir Abbasi

    May 7, 2010 at 8:50 am


    Good to know that you are working on this project. Have been using Puppy Linux for a few days now, after an Update from Ubuntu Karmic to Ubuntu Lucid Lynx went wrong. I used puppy Linux to recover data from unbootable PC. I believe its a faster and better experience on the same machine as compared to Ubuntu.

    Good luck with your efforts.

    when are you offering the Ultimate edition for download?


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