Ultimate Edition development notes

03 May


Revamp of Menu to include Network, Audio Production, Utilities and System. Sub-menus in Fun was necessary as the list is extensive. Will most likely include a Video Production enty.

Synfigstudio was going to be included but it interferred with inkscape. Inkscape is a necessary component as it handles additional file formats – whereas, synfigstudio functions are more than adequately covered by Xara and gimp.

Programmes applied and tested….

Blender-2.48a-linux-glibc236-py25-i386 – (Graphic Menu Entry)

  • ode-0.10.1-i686
  • openal-soft-1.6.372
  • python-2.5.4-i686

gimp 2.6.4 – Graphic Menu Entry)

  • gegl-0.0.20-i486
  • libopenraw-0.0.5-i486
  • libwmf-
  • babl-0.0.22-i486
  • glib-2.16.6-i486
  • pango-1.18.3
  • gtk+2.12.1-bug-fixed (bug fixed required as Xara would not operate)

The upgrade of gtk+2 changed the fonts for ROX – unable to make alterations in the gtkrc files so changed the global font size.

gCAD3D-1.28-i486 – (Graphic Menu Entry)


Xara-Extreme – (Graphic Menu Entry)

gtkam- – (Graphic Menu Entry)

  • gphotofs-0.4.0
  • gphoto2-2.4.4


  • Audio Production Menu Entries
  • Multimedia Menu Entries (including Amarok)
  • Internet Menu Entries
  • Utilities Menu Entries
  • System Menu Entries
  • Filesystem Menu Entries (including konqueror)
  • Graphic Menu Entries
  • Office – Briefcase Sub-Menu Entries
  • Network Menu Entries

OxygenOffice-2.3.1.sfs -(Office Sub-Menu Entries)


xcircuit- – (Graphic Menu Entry)

  • xcircuit-tutorial

freemind-0.8.0-max – (Briefcase Sub-Menu Entry)

mtpaint-3.21_gtk2 – update

picasa_2.7.3736-15 – (Graphic Menu Entry)

geany-0.14 – update

you2pup-1.3.1 – (Internet Menu Entry)

Pcmanfm – (Filesystem Menu System)

gnucash-2.2.2-i486 – (Office Menu Entry)

  • guile-1.6.8-i486
  • slib
  • g-wrap-1.3.4-i486
  • libgnomecups-0.2.2-i486
  • libgnomeprint-2.18.0-i486
  • goffice-0.5.1
  • ORBit2-2.14.7-i486
  • GConf-
  • gnome-keyring-0.8.1-i486
  • gnome-mime-data-2.4.3-i486
  • gnome-vfs-2.18.1-i486
  • libbonobo-2.18.0-i486
  • libgnomecanvas-2.14.0-i486
  • libgnome-2.18.0-i486
  • libbonoboui-2.18.0-i486
  • libgnomeui-2.18.1-i486
  • gail-1.18.0-i486
  • gtkhtml-3.15.5-i486

gnucash startup wizard would not function as well as a number of gui based accounts wizards. After testing it was discovered that the addition of the gnome-2.20 sfs file allowed this function to operate.


delete lib/udev + /etc/rc.d/udev – selective copy/paste careful to ensure over-writing did not occur.

Did not update to Audacity-1.3.6 as library dependencies interferred with other programmes – wxGTK upgrade was the culprit.

gtk-recordmydesktop – (Desktop Menu Entry)

sunbird-1.0b1 – (Office/Briefcase sub-menu entry)

Audio Programmes

  • JACK-Qjackctl
  • Vkeybd
  • hydrogen-9.1-1.1
  • TiMidity++-2.13.0 (no menu entry)
  • tuxguitar-1.0 (insatlled to /usr/local/)

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