Puppy Ultimate Edition

03 May

G’day, been experimenting and testing many different possibilities.  It has been a fascinating process!  Bascially, this juggernaut will help me develop the potential of SimplyPuppy, which in turn will assist in the development of PuppyTLC.  It will also give me an understanding of programmes that can be put into the Customised Software Installer (aka CSI).

Actually the process shows that the more software/programmes you install the harder it is to ensure system-wide compatibility.  Dependencies wiping over dependencies – I’m sure it’s trying very hard to rip itself apart.

At this point it’s a little late to detail the testing/development; this will be updated tomorrow.

The current incarnation of Puppy Ultimate is 0.08 – yes there’s been that many re-runs.  I haven’t remastered anything yet – the first one will occur after the Audio Production programmes are installed.  It is getting very large!  I hope the remaster is well under the 2gbs – as this is my mediafire account file size limit.




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