15 Apr


This how things stand at the moment….

  • I’m continuing to make the foundations for the Help file – the specific programmes will not be addressed until after SimplyPuppy-0.45/PuppyTLC-0.92 has been remastered for alpha testing.
  • Uploading to the MediaFire Account programmes which I will be adding to the Customised Programme Installer
  • Created extra partitions for Fat-Free Puppy 3.01 so testing can commence to ascertain whether a programme will work or not and what dependencies are required.
  • Installed SimplyPuppy-0.44-2b as Frugal so Puppy Ultimate Edition can commence.
  • Considering a SimplePuppy to act as a basis for the Programme Installer so people can make their own Puppy Ultimate Edition.

But I am spending the most time on the Help Files as this appears the highest priority at the moment.



Extras to be considered:

  • Non-Root User Login
  • Graphics Card Driver Installer
  • Auto-Partitioner
  • Auto-Installer
  • Extended User’s Control Panel
  • Extended Admin Toolbox
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Posted by on April 15, 2010 in TLC CE Linux


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