Puppy Programme installer

13 Apr


This is another project that I am looking into. As you may not know, the Puppy Programme installer is fairly light-on when it comes to available programmes – so to install the cool linux programmes you have to look for them and manually do everything – including the dependencies. Lobster (Puppy forum) has shown me a small project to just that – but it still is very limited. However, with this template I may be able to greatly expand its purview.

Some included programmes:

  • Skype
  • amsn
  • OxygenOffice
  • ATI/Nvidia Drivers
  • Opera
  • Xara
  • Fotoxx
  • Audacity
  • TuxGuitar + Timidity
  • Latest version of Java
  • Wine
  • FirePup
  • Amarok
  • K3b
  • koffice
  • kmymoney
  • Nicotine
  • K9Copy
  • Kompozer
  • Sunbird
  • Plethora of games (Wesnoth, Lincity, etc…)
  • Tor/Privoxy
  • Elements of KDE (such as KDEedu, kdegames, etc…)
  • Utilites (such as conky, wbar, SFScombiner, pupbegone, muppywebcam, etc…)
  • gcompris
  • tuxpaint
  • Internet plugins (such as Flash and multimedia)
  • mplayer/VLC/Streamtuner/XMMS
  • avast – anti-virus

This installer would also add the dependencies – it would have to be tested on a fresh install of a Fat-Free Puppy. I would be able to use my MediaFire Account to host the necessary files. Just thinking about the possibilities. I could have a minimal version of SimplyPuppy and the installer create that unique desktop entry required by SimplyPuppy – mmm could be very exciting. I will develop it for a spartan version of SimplyPuppy.



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