Further considerations – Ultimate Edition

13 Apr


As I’m considering using SimplyPuppy-0.45 as a basis I am also considering leaving JWM as the Windows Manager.  Why? It doesn’t look as cool!  That is true but it may miss a unique selling point.

With JWM the number of processes and idle RAM will be kept even more at a minimum – more so that using IceWM which uses between 5-10 Mbs of RAM – not sure of CPU usage.  Having an Ultimate Edition of Linux while only using 35mbs of idle RAM… How dramatic would that be!  Now that would give me bragging rights lol.

But from there it would not be difficult making an IceWM version as EZpup is already installed.

Some other considerations – in my earlier attempt I had included KDE-3.5.8 squash file – this has a great deal of included functions (in my opinion) perhaps more than what’s included in the 3.5.10 pets I compiled.  Will need to consider this carefully.

Firefox 3.6 and Thunderbird 3 will replace the older versions – I will be leaving FirePup in as it is light and fast.  I will also attempt to put in a much later version of GIMP than the one installed.  The Graphics and Games will be greatly extended (especially Games) as well as the inclusion of OxygenOffice-2.4.1.  One area that I would like to expand is the audio and video production/authoring/mastering – this will be a challenge as many of these (especially audio) have a tendency to break the system (personal experience!).  Also, video production I have little experience – just K9copy – again another challenge.  I would like to have a Video Card installer xdialog script to be working.  I also would like Gnucash to be operational but to date I haven’t been able to achieve this in Puppy 3.01.  help pages will be expanded but will not be as comprehensive due to the sheer number of programmes.  I don’t want to spend the next 6-12 months doing up Help Pages.  I do have a life – lol!

Announcing this will be very cool.  A 2gb+ heavyweight distro that only uses 35mbs!  In some ways the more that I cram in to make it bigger the more exceptional it’ll look.  Heh! I expect some puppians to be horrified as they abhor bloat such as ubuntu – so I expect to get seriously flamed.




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