Laying the Foundations

09 Apr


After a couple of false starts – actually I heaped too many programmes on top of one another and created dependency conflict hell! Here’s a list of programmes I have installed as at this point:

* OxygenOffice-2-3-1
* axel-1.0a
* bubbles-1.0.2a
* cdrdao-1.2.1
* freecell-1.2
* geany-20070626
* tkdvd4.0.6
* isomaster-1.1
* qt-3.3.8
* tinylogin-1.4
* transmission_gtk-0.6.1-r1518
* xgalaga-2.0.34
* xine_extra_codecs-1
* xine-lib-1.1.7
* xine-ui-0.99.5
* xorg_DRI_MODULES-7.2
* xorg_OPENGL-7.2
* skype-
* tcltk8.5.3
* amsn-0.97.2
* FirePup-0.04.1
* opera10unite-b4449+qt451+flash10-i486
* abiword-2.6.2
* EZpup-3.0
* icepak
* jre1.6.0_16
* avast4workstation-1.0
* KDE358_082.sfs
* wbar-1.3.3
* conky-1.4.8
* imlib2.pup
* gslapt-4.0
* pupbegone-v1.2
* Muppywebcam-Puppy301.pup
* sdl-1.2.9
* SDL-1.2.13-i386
* SDL_image-1.2.6-i386
* SDL_mixer-1.2.8-i386-mod-smpeg
* SDL_mixer-Smpeg-1.2.6-i386
* SDL_net-1.2.7-i386
* SDL_ttf-2.0.9-i386
* LibSDL1.2-forDoom
* flac-1.2.1
* libao-0.8.8
* libogg-1.1.3
* libvorbis-1.2.0
* vorbis_tools-1.2.0
* paudioscripts-1.4.2
* firefox-3.6
* kompozer-0.8b3.en-US.gcc4.2-i686
* sunbird-1.0b1
* thunderbird-3.0

As you may see there are some very up-to-date programmes that I have included. The WM is IceWM as KDE is too heavy – but many KDE elements have been included as KDE offers the best solution for some programmes. Also, I like konqueror as a File Manager.

The idle RAM usage is 29.4Mbs – a little higher than I expected and expect that to go to 33mbs with the timidity daemon up and running. There will be a few more background operations running before this is complete but I believe I will kep it under 40mbs.

To fix the desktop entries for the required KDE programmes is going to be a long and tedious process – 142 of them!. I am considering making an expanded GUI for administration programmes to unclutter the menu.

Some of these I have made into Puppy Pet Packages – tested using a fat-free version of Puppy 3.01. – –




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