A New Project!!!

06 Apr


I believe this may the first time this has been attempted with Puppy Linux.  It is molded along the same lines as Ubuntu Ultimate Edition.  In other words it pretty much has everything the user could possibly need or use in an Operating System.  With that in mind size is is not important.  It is very easy to put a bigger Hard Drive in your computer.

This project will be based on Fat-Free Puppy-3.01 xorg.  I’m using this as it is the base Operating System that I regularly use – so in some ways this will be the distro which I use (same as Ubuntu Ultimate).  This is so selfish of me!!!

It is my intention to keep to idle processes and RAM to a minimum – I hope to keep it to 40Mbs but it may creep over this.  Why?  To show that SimplyPuppy Ultimate is a Jet Fighter compared to the Ubuntu Ultimate Winibago with performance.

Briefly I have tested Firefox 3.6 (the latest) and it works fine, and am expecting Thunderbird 3 to do the same.  I intend to compile the latest version of a number of programmes such as Inkscape and Gimp.  So this is going to have some of the most exciting latest release Open Source software.  Yes I will have issues with the retro kernel of (with compiling) but this kernel is known to work extremely with most legacy hardware.

I have not finalised which WM or DE will be present but most likely IceWM – I have attempted to get LXDE to work but with limited outcomes (no taskbar or icons!).  I have not discounted using a slightly retro version of Xfce – but am concerned about resources used – will need to make comparison tests.

Well I have already mentioned some additions in the TLC blog – but I am starting from scratch as I will be going in a different direction, even though the ooutcomes may look very similar.  It will also be a test bed for software upgrades to PuppyTLC.

It has begun!




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