Revisiting the beginnings

03 Apr


Extracts from the 1st two entries – as you can see the purview has expanded. But this helps with focussing on what’s important.


This Operating System is to be used in reconditioned computers to be given to families in crisis or in great need. We will liaise with charity agencies and let them decide what it means to be “in crisis or in great need”. The second function for this Operating System is to give an Operating System back to the Linux Community; which in turn will promote Toowoomba Linux.


This project will primarily focus on older hardware – PII 200Mhz 128mbs RAM. This will open up extra repositories of old hardware that people are not using any more. Other projects will focus on other needs and Hardware…. This is to based upon an existing distro – Fat-Free Puppy 3.01 Xorg. Why this version?

1. It has very good older hardware support. Kernel 2.6.21 is still compatibile with many older hardware components.

2. It straddles the compatibility line between series 2 and series 4 – being able to use most of series 2 Pet Packages and many series 4 Pet Packages.

3. It has the Slackware 12.0 binaries included.

4. Speed has not been significantly affected due to increased hardware support (as in series 4)

5. I use this version as my main distribution so I have experience using it – it is very stable, fast and usable.

The Focus of this puplet is to cater for 90% (maybe even higher) of the computer using population’s expectation of what they use a computer for.

That being:

1. Safe Internet Access

  1. Access to all sites
  2. Simple Downloads via a number of mediums

2. Email (communication)

1. Messenger and VOIP

3. Word Processing + Printing

4. Multimedia

  1. Listening to Music
  2. Audio Files
  3. CDs
  4. Streaming
  5. Ripping and Burning CDs
  6. Video – Streaming or DVD
  7. Ripping and Burning

5. Games

6. Photo – Editing + Sharing

7. Education – just the tools for students (word processors presentation programmes etc)

8. Finance – lower priority

9. Easy to use and comprehensive Help Manuals



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