31 Mar


Yes that’s right, an Ultimate Edition. I’m doing this as I’ve convinced myself that SimplyPuppy has turned into something that I would like to run myself – I use a KDE version of 3.01 – but I reckon I would be happy to have an IceWM version running. So in other words this is a very selfish release as it meets only my needs.

The base will be SimplyPuppy in its most up-to-date format. The additions I would include would be:

  • OxygenOffice
  • Firefox 3.5+
  • Tuxguitar
  • additional Wbars
  • Amarok
  • Nicotine
  • KDE Games
  • twitux or gwibber
  • Icepak
  • 3D based games
  • gDesklets – to be turned on/off from the User Control Panel
  • an updated Gimp + Thunderbird (Sunbird would be awesome)
  • Konqueror File Manager (may need kde-base)
  • Gnucash (if I can get this working in 3.01 would be an achievement! – So far only working in version 4.1.1.
  • plus LMMS + Ardour + other audio applications
  • torcs and pivoxy for the upcoming national internet filter
  • extended Help files for additional programmes

I will still be keeping an eye on system resources as I don’t want idle Ram to exceed 50Mbs. Minimum system requirements will be 400Mhz PIII with 192Mbs with a 3D capable Graphics Card – still a light and old system.

Yes its a huge project and will release this but I expect only a few uptakers as I expect it will be in excess 1.2Gbs; perhaps way more!

But on a more positive note I will be more motivated to develop SimplyPuppy further and there will be on-going beta testing on my behalf.

I will be starting this as soon as my interest in TLC begins to diminish (I don’t want to experience burn-out as happens with a number of dead Community Edition projects)




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