31 Mar


Ok! Finally added one of the final pieces to the Software puzzle – Printing!

Unfortunately it will need thorough testing and I have only access to a few printers so I expect a number of bugs to rear their ugly heads.


  • hplip-2.8.7
  • hplip_dependencies
  • Imaging-1.1.1
  • libdbus-1.3
  • net-snmp-5.4.1-i486
  • Python-2.5.2
  • reportlab-2.0
  • plus cups-install-v0.3

Using the cups_shell script I have sucessfully installed a printer (albeit HP) from scratch.  It is only a 5 step procedure so hopefully it can be done with few glitches to the user.  Well time will tell!

I have modified the User Control Panel to include Printer install instead of the Admin Control Panel.  I need to complete a Printer Installation Help file for this procedure.

For the moment all programmes work with these additions – however briefly looking at gcompris a speech engine was missing from an activity and Japanese characters were missing from kiten.  Alas, these small isues will need to be resolved and I hope that the alpha testers will be giving feedback and solution suggestions.



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Posted by on March 31, 2010 in TLC CE Linux


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