30 Mar

Ok! I have added some new ideas for programmes – but this will hopefully enhance the users experience.
1. dependencies required:
a. libgphoto2-2.4.1
b. libltdl-1.5.24
c. sane_backend-1.0.19
d. sane_frontend-1.0.1
This has a very complete scanner driver suite

2. removing epfd PDF reader replacing it with dependencies required:
a. kdelibs4c2a
kpdf is a superior PDF reader and will allow the user to see and read PDFs much easier than epdf.

3. I am considering adding the BOINC client in Education – I believe it will increase the quality of Educational material included – also it’s a good cause – using your computer’s idle time to conduct scientific experiments.

4.  I need to test gcompris-int_216.sfs as this is a complete package and may work!  And it did work! We now have a more complete educational suite

5.  Due to kpdf’s kde libs dependencies I will try kde’s educational suite
Well this package works brilliantly – even kstars works well!
I feel this is truning into something special and increases its usability for students.

I have increased the number of XMMS skins on offer and dropped the VU Meter as default.

I will then remaster for 0.44b; as further experimenting/testing on Printing will be needed and there is a good case for a system stuff-up.

I’m currently experimenting with different set-ups for Printing.  Just trying to sort out the easiest route that the home user must go through to get their Printer working – as this will most likely be the case that they will have to independently set this up.

Unfortunately Puppy does not have a full auto-detect Printing System (alas this is not the Ubuntu system) – it only has a semi-automated detect system – a number of set-up steps are still required – but I’m hoping to reduce the steps to a maximum of 5.

For Printing there will be a large repository of drivers; including a very large number of HP printers.  Using a number a different protocols I hope to negotiate a path to Printer installation that’s user-friendly.

Xdialog control panels for both User and Admin – these won’t be fully operational for some time – but will be included in their partial state.


NOTE: Abiword can convert .doc (and a number of other formats) to .txt but I’m not sure if this is possible to do in a script.

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