30 Mar


Well Kmymoney appears to work well – it’s a more graphical orientated financial environment that is just as easy as Homebank – I need to test this on an old machine – but Koffice applications work on an old computer.

Kmymoney came in a .sfs file and was very reluctant to be mounted – had to use a livecd of newyearpup to mount then extract it.

Made minor aesthetic mods + forgot to add the xsane packages for 0.44b.

Initial testing of an autoconnect for eth0 didn’t work – will need to look at John Biles’ TeenPup to see how he was able to work this problem out.

Currently remastering for 0.44-1b.

btw. The b suffix means that the msg and initrd.gz modified file for noram have mastered into the iso.

The remaster came to 645.9Mbs – so it’s getting large and close to the limit of a single CD.



PS. Remember during remastering that a pristine /root/.packages is required.

Next task is to get an easy to use printing protocol.

Additions: add 3DCC; ATI/Nvidia graphics drivers and Package Managers to Administration Toolbox.

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Posted by on March 30, 2010 in TLC CE Linux


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