28 Mar

I am now implementing systems that enhance the system – rather than major installations.
I added (37kbs) this needed modifications as proposed by MU with the inclusion xscreensize to negate icon overlap. I also enhanced the icons associated with the media/disk it finds.
I tested the idea of an additional wbar but was a little dismayed as it used more than twice the resources required. I am experimenting a single larger wbar located at the top with additional launchers. I deleted the shutdown launcher as it is also present in the taskbar, menu and desktop. The changes to the top wbar uses extra resources but only an acceptably fractional addition.
The GtkBasic-Screensaver daemon was using significant resources to run around 5mbs – so I replaced it with PuppyBasicScreensaver which uses about a third of the resources. Added bonus will be the reduce the iso footprint to allow expansion of educational suites.
Running Conky also adds to the resource usage so I have removed it from .xinitrd and have added a launcher from Wbar – the user has the choice whether its on or off.
Considering creating a launcher to allow windows-shadows through xcompmgr (looks really cool) – just a kernel though at the moment.

As you can see; a few cosmetic changes but seriously looking at reducing idle resource usage. This will increase the speed, lessen the chance of taxed resource crashes, for heavy resource programmes such as KOffice – which works now but better response time will be a bonus.

With these tests on my old crappy computer I estimate that it should be easily usable on a 200Mhz 128mbs computer – most likely even less.

For the desktop functions I am creating a gtkdialog script to handle the several desktop options such as conky, window shadows and I will place an analogue clock on there as well. This will free up room on the wbar.

After investigating and installing scanner support + additional HP printer drivers + xwin modifications and CD autoplay; I will remaster SimplyPuppy-0.42-2b.

Tried xonclock as a removable analogue but was unable to get rid of its entry in the tray. To remove PuppyBasic-002 and analogueclock packages.

Unable to get gcompris working with DRI activated – drop out of X on execution – this can be added to an educational CE Edition.

I will only add Scanner support and that will be the end of the additional programmes for this edition. Any expansion will require additional work on the Help files. Already the Help files has become a significant work-in-progress – any further entries will delay the release day even further.

I believe the current configuration easily meets the criteria set out at the beginning of this project.

Will add a few tools for user and administrator but this is customised xdialog programming. Will also test SimplyPuppy0.36’s installation dialogue to see if they will work on version 3 of Puppy.


Things to remember – add the various licences that have been installed with the open and closed source programmes to the Help files. Shouldn’t be a big issue as we are not-for profit – closed source + proprietory developers take little, to no, note of these being placed in a distribution as long as it entire distro remains “free”. That why Ubuntu and Fedora come with a lack (or none) proprietory software pre-installed yet Vector Linux and Sabayon have them included.
Also, important to include contributors (including Puppy Forum members whose help ideas were used), collaborators and testers.

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Posted by on March 28, 2010 in TLC CE Linux


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