19 Mar

Installed SimplyPuppy-0.41-2b onto a very clunky and stubborn 400mhz 64mbs computer. It worked! But I was concerned with the RAM usage which was up around 50%.
Ran the Top command and found that the Timidity daemon was running and using 5mbs.
Did a test of tuxguitar and it crashed as it used too much resource for this computer.
will uninstall these two.
With Timidity gone it did lower the Ram usage by 10% – which is very handy.
TuxPaint also crashed but will keep it there as it may work with 128mbs – also it’s such an important developmental, play and educational tool for the kiddies.
Surprisingly Koffice worked – a little slowly but the delays were manageable.
I will play with wbar – moving the administration functions to the bottom and adding another wbar up the top for a quick launch for other programmes – suggested by Toady. Also, a wbar button to turn conky on for the session (have it off by default). But these changes won’t see the light of day yet!
He also informed me that Numlock wasn’t “on” when using the liveCD.
His other suggestion I’m of two minds – that Opera works well but we should have an IE theme to make the user a little more comfortable. I actually find IE more confusing than this configuration. I have use the KISS formula for the set-out – most functions are available on the tool-bar – I did forget to add the tab bar. Anyway – testing will nut this issue out. My 2 cents – I have used this configuration with a number of computer illiterate people and they’re able to use it in short order.
Altered the admin wbar – removed reboot (function is already there with shutdown) – and added puppyinstaller.
Will remaster for SimplyPuppy-0.42 after these modifications have been made.
Not going to add many more programmes (just scanner support) – but I am going to work on the Help files. Expect development to slow down as I have a number of other projects which I have neglecting.

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Posted by on March 19, 2010 in TLC CE Linux


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