Additional developments

18 Mar

The continuation of SimplyPuppy’s development.
Apologies for the delayed update; development is still continuing.
The issue that’s been bugging me is that if this Distro is for low-end computers and for families who are crisis then it makes sense that it have a simple but complete office suite – I believe that abiword and gnumeric are not enough to meet this need. The only open source office suite I have is open office and it is a resource hog! OpenOffice is a great suite but is not suitable for the uses of this distro.
I have installed koffice-1.6.3 (plus libstdc++6.0.8_to_6.0.9 – library dependency). At this point it appears to work well and has all the necessary components that a secondary school student may require.
The other question is that it has limited MS compatibility. However, the Abiword and Gnumeric programmes that are still included have this capability. My only concern is if they need to read a .ppt file…… Not sure how to tackle that! Need to investigate kpresenter a little more.
The big test will come when I install this on a low-spec, low-resource machine and see if it still works.
I am getting a bit of distortion through XMMS but that might be my sound card – haven’t used this laptop much for multimedia. But with the EQ it is easy to alter the setting to negate the distortion.
Games installed include:
gsudoku; zaxxonrr; xrick; moon-lander; njame-1.21; pingus-0.7.2; 5ball-0.41; PokerTH-0.6.3; viruskiller-1.0; starfighter_1.1; supertux-0.1.3; ace of penguins; gnuchess-5.0.7; linxtris; tkhearts; tkyahtzee; euchre; xcheckers-2.2.3; Xmahjongg; gtkpool-0.5.0; lbreakout2.

For educational material I have included:
TuxPaint-0.9.20 + TuxPaint-STAMPS

Additional programmes to round the distro:
audacity-1.3.2-beta + WxGtk-2.6.3 (Library)
xpdf-3.0.1-utils – for reading pdfs
wine-1.1.24 + cabextract-1.2
I have not included gecko yet.

Dict – online dictionary
Installed TuxGuitar + Timidity++ (required midi output engine) – tuxguitar looks awesome and is a great selling point for linux – but am unsure of it’s resource usage as it uses java!!!! Needs testing

Modified the Welcome sign as it interferes with frugal installation thanks Toady – lack of visibility.
Added koffice as a cascading menu entry.
Altered some menu entries as it would not launch the programme.
Remastered for SimplyPuppy-0.41-2b (added modified msg + initrd.gz) – total size = 537mbs

Have not altered xwin yet….


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