16 Mar


Working towards the 0.41 iso. Tested the pfix=noram and it worked flawlessly on version 0.40.

Working on Help files – creating them using NVU.

To Do List:

  • xwin startup recovery
  • additional backgrounds (forgot to add them)
  • xpdf-3.01-base
  • xpdf-3.01-utils for PDFs
  • dict – online dictionary
  • audacity + WxGtk
  • hotpup – storage device desktop utility (tricky to get right!!)

And some additional games on top of the dozen or so games already…

  • njam
  • gtkpool
  • 5ball
  • lbreakout2
  • xtux
  • zaxxonrr
  • starfighter
  • ksame + libkdegames
  • viruskiller
  • supertux
  • quake
  • xsudoky
  • and lincity or wesnoth

Don’t want to go overboard with the games but I want variety and with a variety of games they may be more interested in continuing their journey with Linux. Also, you may have noted that all those games don’t require 3D acceleration – exiting those games may force the Xserver to exit. This is important as most of the computers won’t have access to any 3D capable VidCards.

Will test educational software but that may be placed in a later iso…

  • tuxpaint
  • gcompris

Am considering some form of finance programme like Homebank – but it may require an extensive Help menu. Wine + wine_extras will have to wait until I get access to a computer which can boot a frugal install and access to internet.



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