Caught up!

16 Mar


Well I am finally remastering SimplyPuppy-0.40 which is a recreation of SimplyPuppy-0.39 but upgraded to version 3.01 in order for the pfix=noram command can be activated on initrd.gz.

layout is picture perfect.

A few additions:

  • gslapt-4.0
  • EZPup-3.0
  • paudioconverter + gui
  • additional plugins for XMMS + permanently moved XMMS with Script.

Brief testing shows that RAM usage could be very similar to 0.39 which is a big bonus.

To be included:

Wine-1.1.24 + cabextract + gecko

A sudoku game as I was not sure of what I had done in 0.39 (there appeared to be two versions???)

I will add additional games but that is not a high priority.

Puppy Linux 3.01 is a very stable version of Puppy that has very good operable ati and nvidia drivers (but not the latest). It also is compatible with Slackware 12.0 packages.



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Posted by on March 16, 2010 in TLC CE Linux


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