Relevant additions

15 Mar


Remastered to version 0.38 and was required to re-install due to dependency conflict with gnumeric and abiword (different versions).

Using the Petget version of Gnumeric + goffice + gnumeric plugins has resulted in no library conflicts.  I thought that if there was any students in the family they may need a Spreadsheet for their studies.

Deleted puppybasicscreensaver and replaced it with GtkBasic-Screensaver + Modules.  Modified .xinitrd so the screensaver is active on start-up.

K3b-1.0.4 CD/DVD Burning application appears to work well which added the kdelibs  to install K9copy DVD Shrink programme.  Added menu entries for those programmes. cdrdao-1.2.1 is an essential utility for K3b and was installed via PetGet.

Installed avastworkstation antivirus to make people, who only know Windows feel more secure.

As I was concerned that Opera 10 only has Flash 10 installed – as I have read that some Flash sites don’t work with Flash 10 I decided to install Firepup (bare-boned version of Firefox 1.5) and Flashplayer-  It appears to work ok.

For photo management I installed fotoxx-5.1.1.

A few modifications to the Menu entries – Document was changed to Office as Gnumeric and Cash Management Programmes will be placed there as well.  Also altered some of the descriptors as they made no sense to a non-tech person.

Will remaster for version 0.39 after installing Wine 1.1.24 + cabextract+ gecko and uninstalling Dillo and installing version 2.2; in case any experimentation goes awry.



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Posted by on March 15, 2010 in TLC CE Linux


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