SimplyPuppy 0.37 development

14 Mar


Well I’m publishing this from SimplyPuppy.

What I have added from last time is:

Tested Streamtuner to XMMS – works correctly

Added script to delete the Streamtuner search so it is reset on startup.

Deleted freemaplet and xload from .jwmrc-tray

Modified .conkyrc for eth0 outputs.

Added Scribus and gkdial entries to the Menu

Programmes added + menu entries:

Axel-1.0a Download Accelerator

gimp-2.2.11 – photo manipulation

inkscape-0.43 – Vector Graphics

glibmm-2.10.3 – inkscape libraries

gtkmm-2.8.8 – inkscape libraries

nvu-1.0 – wysiwyg Web designer

transmission-0.5 – bittorrent client

All these programmes have been tested – but not to breaking.

Will modify Rox to remove directory access and hidden file access – this is a temporary modification until I can get spot login working.  This should reduce the chance of fiddling with the system – access to the system will only be available through commandline.



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