Development of SimplyPuppy 0.36

13 Mar


Back from holidays, although after 5000kms of road travel I’m slightly puffed!

Well as promised I have continued the development of this Distro…

I have removed Abiword 2.4.5 and Goffice-0.2.1 and installed Abiword 2.6.2 with spellcheck and dictionary.  The removal of Goffice (which are the dependencies) was necessary as there were conflicts which caused the application to crash on testing.  The Abiword 2.6.2 package included the required libraries.

For the Music Player I have installed XMMS 1.2.11 with libmikmod which includes a number of dependencies and plugins.  I have added the vumeter 0.9.2 package which include a great looking skin and the VU meters do look very cool.  Other skins I have added as well as WinAmp EQ presets.  To get the EQ to work with MP3s I had to disable MAD MPEG Decoder and enable  After much tedious testing by listening to my favourite music I must admit that I’m now a fan of XMMS – a great very light (5mbs of RAM) – Music Player.  Will consider (later) of adding additional plugins for playing rarer music formats.  Apparently it can even handle video streaming!!!

Linked with XMMS is Streamtuner 0.99.99 (couldn’t they just release a version 1.0!).  Dependency requirements are: glibc-2.5 and libpixman-0.1.6.  I have yet to test streamtuner as the Network connection on the old laptop appears stuffed.  Will make a remaster of the current settings to test on another machine.

Other Programmes:

Muppywebcam-Puppy301 – Webcam support – works well with this version.

amsn-0.97.2 – requires tcltk8.5.3 scripting language – A Messenger client which looks and feels like the old Windows Messenger.  It’s not the matest version but works well and has Webcam support.

skype- – dependency issues resolve by updating to  Again not the latest version but very stable and has good webcam support.


New .xinitrd script for resolving Menu reversion.  Will continue this procedure until I have worked out a permanent solution for Menu creation.

Added additional backgrounds and icons.  Updated desktop (called a pinboard in Rox) with icons to new programmes.

To be included: Transmission for torrenting; Inkscape for Vector Graphics; Gimp for Photo Manipulation; fotoxx for photo management.  May include Firepup with Flash 9 support (a number of sites tend to fail with Flash 10 at this moment in time).  After this I will then look at additional games and updating the Help files.



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