Configuration Woes!

01 Mar


even though Puppy Linux is highly configurable it does suffer from some lack of booting features.  One that has come to my attention during experimentation is from the Pebbles Bootsplash – fantastic! that we are able to create our own bootsplash with a fair amount of ease except it completely disassociates you with boot-up verbosity.

What’s the problem there? So what if I don’t see the the Kernel Mdule is loading… Well, unfortunately I experienced a power outage due to not having the laptop connected to the mains.  boot-up would!  Usually you would see a message – type in xwin, startx or reboot to get things going again.  But I couldn’t see the message and all those commands would not work.  So working with a lot of faith I ‘rm /etc/.XLOADED’ then xwin and it worked!  I think I need to modify xwin a little so that it automatically executes that command
and reboots.

But the point being I couldn’t see what I was doing…. mmm may need to resaerch a bit more into Pebbles bootsplash.



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Posted by on March 1, 2010 in TLC CE Linux


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