Power outage

23 Feb


with power outages comes certain degrees of difficulty.  For one thing no Linux Distribution has the Windows equivalent of restore to last sucessful start-up function.  But Puppy also has a limited Xserver restore facility which needs modification to allow for Xwin startup.  However, the current setup requires the user to reboot once # comes up and booting halts.  For a non-user this would be an annoying outcome.

The problem comes from the file /etc/.XLOADED which is a saftey protocol which avoids boot-crash loops.  With my limited experience I had to experiment with deleting .XLOADED – using the scripts from here.  I knwo that this works with Puppy Series 2 but unsure about it working with Series 3.  It doesn’t – it still halts and goes to #.  So I decided to see if only the deletion script could be used earlier in the booting process – this being in rc.sysinit and rc.local0.  But the results were increasingly catastrophic for every modification.  I will be trying to alter the current script so instead of exit it will reboot with the message “It seems there was a problem with ShutDown – so to restore your computer will reboot in 5 seconds.”

We’ll soon see what the outcome is.



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Posted by on February 23, 2010 in TLC CE Linux


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