additional packages part 1

23 Feb

Clarification: this CE OS is based on Fat-Free Puppy-301 xorg – a 63mb Puplet – see Puppy Linux Forums here. The total size of the CE is expected to be less than 700mbs. How is this possible to work on older hardware as Puppy installs into RAM? I have modified the initrd.gz to allow the command pfix=noram – will load into a temporary ramdisk file – see Puppy Linux Forum here.

Installed Packages:

  • abiword-2.6.2 – Word Processor with dictionary
  • EZpup-3.0 – installation of IceWM packaged by Mark Ulrich
  • Icepak – additional IceWM themes
  • Skype- – VOIP client
  • tcltk8.5.3 – cross platform prgramming language
  • amsn-0.97.2 – messenger client
  • conky-1.4.8 – Desktop System Monitor
  • gslapt-4.0 – Slackware Package Installer
  • GtkBasic-Screensaver
  • GtkBasic-Screensaver-Xscreensaver-modules
  • Magnifier-3.3
  • Muppywebcam-Puppy301
  • Puppy3-Software-Installer – non-official Package Manager
  • unrpm-undeb-rpm2targz-dir2sfs – file and package utility
  • wbar-1.3.3 – Desktop Programme Launcher
  • imlib2 – libs for feh
  • – lib for feh
  • feh-1.3.4-i486i – multi-moded image-view command package
  • avastworkstation-1.0.8 – proprietory (non- GPL) virus Scanner

Brief test indicates all the above programmes work.

Where feasible I will announce the package creator – for specific references search for the exact package name on the Puppy Forums.



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Posted by on February 23, 2010 in TLC CE Linux


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